International Child Abduction:

Assisting in negotiations

It is of course best to avoid child abduction by negotiating before the international relocation, or avoid stressful procedures by reaching an agreement.

As your lawyer, we will:

  • listen to your story and ask questions untill we are absolutely sure we have all the relevant information
  • explain to you which documents are relevant to demonstrate these facts
  • explain to to you the possibilities in an abduction procedure
  • explain to you how the court will look at your case
  • present your interests and arguments to the other party
  • see if we can be creative to find a sollution acceptable to both parties.

If you prefer, we can give advice in the background, without communicating directly to the other partie. You can then continue to do the negotiations yourself.

If your current lawyer conducts the negotiations for you, we will be happy to inform and advise you and your lawyer. Most family lawyers only have to deal with an international child abduction case every once in a while. Because abduction procedures are deal with in a short period of time, it is efficient if we can quickly point your lawyer to the relevant legal sources and think together with you and your lawyer about the strategy to be pursued.

Please contact us to find out how we can help.