Child support

Which one of the parents is obliged to pay child support is determined by the income of the parents. If both parents take care of the child for an equal number of days per month, one of them can still be obliged to pay child support. The amount is calculated using a program, based on the Dutch Trema report.

Your lawyer can calculate the total amount of money needed each month for the child, based on the age, the number of children and the level of wealth during the time when the ex-spouses and the children lived together. The next calculation is about how to divide that amount between the parents.

When the parents have not been living together, the calculation is not based on the wealth of the family but on the average wealth of both parents.

You can ask the court to change the amount of child support, based on changed circumstances, or based on the fact that the court’s previous decision on the child support was based on incomplete or inaccurate information. When the amount of child support was agreed on by the parties in their divorce arrangement, you can ask the court to change the amount based on the fact that at the time parties agreed on the amount, this agreement was made with a gross failure to recognize the legal standards.