Family law:

Family name /surname change

You can send your request to change your family name, or the family name of your child yourself to the Ministry of Justice. However, many of our clients have asked us to handle the paperwork for them, to make sure the request is according to the Dutch law and can get approved.

A change of family name might be asked for after divorce, adoption, recognition of denial of paternity or a period of foster care.

Another reason for a change of family name can be the fact that a new partner of a parent is taking care of the child and you wish that the child will get the family name of the partner. The Ministry checks the period in which the partner has taken care of the child, prior to the request. When the child is younger then 12 years, this period must be at least 5 years. When the child is 12 or older, a period of 3 years is enough.

When you are an adult and you wish to change your family name, your request has to concern one of the situations as mentioned on the website of the Ministry: These are the most common situations:

  • You want to carry the family name of your other parent of or the other caregiver
  • You want to undo the family name change you had when you were a child
  • You carry a family name that is not Dutch
  • You carry a family name that is improper of ridiculous
  • Your family name has been misspelled.