Many of our clients are facing difficult times, because of domestic violence, stalking, false accusations ect. We can help, using our experience in criminal law, juvinal law and family law. We will use all possible means to better the situation. This can be done using all possibilities in the divorce procedure, such as the right to live in the matrimonial property for the time being. We can use civil law or criminal law, to get a restraining order. Or use juvinal law, to protect the interests of the child.

Our firm does not choose to only defend the victim, or only the alleged suspect.

Whatever your situation is, we will do our best to take care of your interests.

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Questions about a possible case of stalking?


Other legal issues

Domestic violence

In case of domestic violence or stalking, we can represent both the suspect or the victim. Either way our assistance can involve both the criminal case as the civial case about a restraining order or a change of the visitation arrangement because of the accusation of domestic violence.



Stalking is the sytematic harassment of a person, by chasing that person, makeing contact in an annoying way and sometimes even threatening that person.


Restraining orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence or stalking, it might be a (temporary) solution to ask the civil court for a restraining order. It could involve both your home as your work adress or the school of the children.


Questions about a how to get a restraining order?


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A-Z explained

We would like to explain all the relevant terms to you, both the English terms as the Dutch terms that you might be confronted with while talking to your lawyer or the police. If you miss anything, just let us know.


Frequently asked questions

We have listed the frequantly asked questions on this subject with the ansewers. Whe also refer to other relevant sources within our website or elsewhere. If your question is not on the list, please get in touch with our firm.


How soon can I get a restraining order for my ex?

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Public sources

Where do I report domestic violence?

Veilig Thuis


Domestic violence, child abuse, elderly abuse

Where to report your concerns?

Veilig Thuis (Safe Home) is the Dutch organisation that you can contact if you are a victim and you need help to get out of the aggressive situation. You can also anonymously call them if you have any concerns about people you know.

Victim support in the Netherlands

Where to go to for support, assistance and advice?


Victim Support The Netherlands (Slachtofferhulp Nederland) is a Dutch organisation. This organisation can help you with emotional support after an accident or assault.

They can also explain the Dutch criminal procedure against the suspect. And they will tell you how you can ask for financial compensation from the suspect within that criminal procedure.


In some cases the victim can’t get compensation from the suspect of the assault. In that case, there is a possibility to get compensation from af fund: Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven.

Protecting the children

This organisation can also explain to you how you […]

Our blogs

False accusations in a family lawsuit

Making a false declaration is a criminal offense if the declarant knew at the time he or she made the declaration that the accusation was not true (art. 188 of the Dutch Crinimal Code). In practice, reporting that someone has made a false declaration rarely leads to prosecution or conviction. The mere fact that an acquittal followed did not mean that there was a false declaration. It is very difficult for a prosecutor to get the evidence and ask for a conviction for making a false report.

Criminal conviction
If there is a conviction for the false declaration, the amount of the […]

The difference between insult, libel and slander

These words are often confused, but do not have the same meaning. Let me give you a short explanation, based on the Dutch Criminal Code.


Making an insult is a criminal offense. It may be a public insult: verbal, in a letter or picture. It can also be an insult to a person in front of him: orally or by an action (for example, by spitting the person in the face). Finally, an insult can be made of sending or handing an insult in writing or in an image. […]

Case law

Street injunction with penalty payment

District Court of North Holland

8 June 2020, ECLI:NL:RBNHO:2020:4118

The man had been given a chance by the judge a week earlier. But he violated the previous restraining order. Now he gets not only a restraining order, but also a street injuction order, both with a penalty of € 200,- a day, with a maximum of € 2.000,-. Moreover, the judge stipulates that the woman may call in the police if the man does not comply with the restraining order or the street injuction order.

Initial interlocutory proceedings
A week earlier, the woman had demanded a restraining order in the first preliminary relief […]

Grandmother not allowed to put pictures on Facebook

Court of Gelderland

13 May 2020, ECLI:NL:RBGEL:2020:2521

In this case, the court ruled that the grandmother had to remove the photos and was no longer allowed to post new photos. He imposed a penalty. The grandmother violated the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), because posting the photos was not a purely personal or domestic activity.

Facebook en Pinterest
The mother did not allow the grandmother to put pictures of the child on her Facebook and Pinterest accounts. The father, who lives elsewhere, indicates that he too does not want pictures of his son on social media.

Self-made photo’s
Grandma states that she took […]

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