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We work at a small law firm in The Hague, called Versteegh Advocaten. The firm also handles criminal cases.

On this website familylawyer-thehague.nl we share our knowledge and experience of family law.

We will handle your family law matters which the upmost care and respect. We understand that your case is of the highest interest for you. It can affect your life and the life of the ones you love severely. Therefore your case is of high interest for us as well, right from the start, until we have reached your goals.

Martine Wernsen
Martine WernsenLawyer

Martine started her career as a criminal defense lawyer and shifted to family law later. She still deals with cases concerning domestic violence, acting for the suspect or the victim. Martine can help you with your family law cases concerning you and your family members. She will make sure your divorce is dealt with efficiently, without unnecessary fights. When things already got rough, she will look for ways to get past the negativity and look for the interest of the child. Martine is the mom of two young children. She understands how your children are your number one priority.

 Leonie Schipper-Heikens
Leonie Schipper-HeikensLawyer

Mr L.L. Schipper-Heikens graduated from Leiden University in June 2017. After her graduation, Mr. Heikens started working full-time as a legal assistant at various law firms, where she gained a great deal of experience in family law, juvenile law and criminal law. Since April 2018, she has been working closely with Mr. Wernsen in her family law practice. Since 1 July 2019, they have both been working for Versteegh Advocaten. Mr Heikens is appreciated by her colleagues for her determined and thorough approach.

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Who we recommend

Deepa Kakkar
Deepa KakkarLife coach

Deepa is an expat mom, living with her family in The Hague. She coaches people with various issues, with the goal to have all her clients meet their full potential. She can help you deal with life changing events, such as divorce and international relocation. She is very down to earth and easy to approach with no obligation to any long term commitment. She uses FaceTime to connect with her clients from all over the globe. We appreciate Deepa for her kindness, her class and her positive spirit.