Prenuptial agreement

There are many different kinds of marriage settlements, mostly drawn up by a civil law notary. The purpose of the marriage settlements often is to assure that the income and assets of both spouses do  not remain fully separate. The settlements often include arrangements about a yearly settlement of the assets acquired during the marriage, or a final settlement of the assets acquired during the marriage at the end of the marriage. By  having a yearly of final settlement of the acquired assets according to the marriage settlement both spouses can benefit from the financial success of one of them, without sharing everything 50/50.

If you have a marriage settlement it could be wise to have it checked by a lawyer from time to time of after a change of circumstances.

When you are about to sign a marriage settlement, you can ask for the advice of one of our lawyers in advance. We can advise one of the spouses or both together. It is very important to make sure that the deed containing the terms reflects the intention of both parties, because in a divorce procedure these intentions can be crucial in the process of interpreting the deed.

When you consult a lawyer to agree on the settlements, this will make sure the settlement is completely adjusted to your specific situation and it takes into account all possible future life changes, including sickness and death. It will be easier for both parties understand the marriage settlements, to comply and to prevent debate about interpretation.