Domestic violence

Domestic violence requires a quick and decisive approach.

In case of domestic violence or stalking, we can represent both the suspect or the victim. Either way our assistance can involve both the criminal case as civil cases about a restraining order or a change of the visitation arrangement because of the accusation of domestic violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we can help you to press charges at the police station. If the police gives no priority to listening to your accusations or to investigate them, we will contact the police or the public prosecutor for you.

Once an arrest has been made, we will contact the public prosecutor to talk about your interests. For instance we can debate about the possibility to release the suspect only under strict conditions such as a prohibition to contact you.

We can also prepare you for the hearing in court, which can be a very emotional experience. An informal meeting with the prosecutor, together with your lawyer, can be helpful to be well prepared for that day.