Can I have my divorce in the Netherlands?


Family Lawyer The Hague
Lawyer and mediator

For 19 years, I have been working as a lawyer. Since 2022, I have been working under the name Family Lawyer The Hague. I mostly assist expats residing in the Netherlands or whose child or ex-partner resides in the Netherlands.

I have been working on cases of family law  and juvenile law, as well as criminal law and psychiatric patient law. Currently I work only as a lawyer or mediator in family law cases.

In particular, I write divorce covenants and parenting plans. Often parties already have good ideas of how they want to shape the future and I help them with the final details. Sometimes parties have disputes that they cannot resolve and I can use my experience to help the parties reach a solution.

Also, I help parents who wish to relocate with their child, or who seek permission from the other parent or the court for a holiday with a child, or permission to obtain a passport for a child. I can assist parents to create a good (international) visitation schedule or (international) parenting plan.

In a case of parental child abduction, you can contact me for advice or to start a return procedure at the court of The Hague, in The Netherlands. You can read more about this subject on

If the communication is no longer constructive….
allow me to mediate.

If you would like to read more about international relocation of children, please visit the website

This website covers:

  • international visitation,
  • international parenting plans,
  • obtaining permission to relocate,
  • preventing the other parent to relocate,
  • child abduction,
  • the 6 defences in cases of child abduction

and much more!

Child Relocation:
how you can prevent child abduction