We are a small specialized law firm, which will handle your family law matters which the upmost care and respect. We understand that your case is of the highest interest for you. It can affect your life and the life of the ones you love severely. Therefore your case is of high interest for us as well, right from the start, until we have reached your goals.


We advise our clients in complex (international) family law issues, such as divorce, the division of marital property (companies and foreign properties included), prenuptial agreements, (international) adoption, custody arrangements, international child abduction, the establishment or denial of paternity, spousal maintenance, child support and restraining orders in case of domestic violence.


We work for local (Dutch) citizens as well as for foreign individuals who need advice or representation in court regarding family law issues, like expats or people who lived in The Netherlands previously and still have (legal) ties to the country. We handle the interests of (international) entrepreneurs, concerning the division of property, maintenance and child alimony arrangements, access to and custody of the children, including (alleged) child abduction cases.

If you would like to read more about international relocation of children, you could visit the website Carefulchildrelocation.com.

Here you can read about:

  • international visitation,
  • international parenting plans,
  • obtaining permission to relocate,
  • preventing the other parent to relocate,
  • child abduction,
  • the 6 defences in cases of child abduction

and much more!

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