My way of mediating

I would like my clients to be well-informed. My goal is to offer them lots of information and examples, so that they can find solutions that suit them them. My clients are not the first to go through this process. And while it is a very personal process, you can learn a lot from others who have gone through the same experience.

I will tell them what subjects are related, what information is relevant and what is the legal context. It makes sense that the parties should have reasonable expectations of how a judge would evaluate the case if mediation fails. Sometimes third-party advice can be helpful.

We can talk about what feelings and transitional fases are common after separation. Feelings of grief, shame, guilt, regret, disappointment and loss may come up in the conversation. Parties must be willing to listen to each other and take an honest look at themselves.

I encourage my clients to have an open mind, and show flexibility and creativity. Modern life offers modern families the opportunity to make arrangements that suit them. Let’s forget about living a “picture perfect” life. Let’s talk about you, your family and how you want to live your life.