Parenting plan:

Future proof

If you already know what changes are coming, you can already anticipate them and make a future proof parenting plan.

You can also anticipate changes and developments that might happen and you can anticipate the development of your child and the change in needs and wishes that will occur due to your child growing older. Whether or not you can involve your child in this process depends of course on the age of your child.

During mediation, we can discuss:

  • what will change as the children grow older and can you anticipate?
  • how will you handle unanticipated changes?
  • when and how should new partners be introduced to the children?
  • how long in advance should you discuss a planned relocation?

You can read about the development of children on the website of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

If you want to make a future proof parenting plan by anticipating a possible relocation, you can read more about this subject on our website.