Child alimony

Discussing the child alimony is not only about numbers, but also about emotions. It’s about taking ones responsibility, adjusting to new circumstances and about everything that a parents wishes for a child. Not everyone can continue at the same standard of living. This can be confronting.

As a mediator, I would love to help you to keep this conversation constructive.

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child alimony

Can I change the amount of child alimony?

Child alimony

Family income

What was the family income, before the seperation?

Needs of the child

What are the needs and are there any special needs?

The ability to pay

Let’s be fair and realistic about the ability to pay.

Changed circumstances

Let’s try to be fair and flexible, when circumstances have changed.

How many years should I pay child alimony in the Netherlands?

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A-Z explained

I would like to explain all the relevant terms to you, both the English terms as the Dutch terms that you might be confronted with. If you miss anything, just let me know.

Frequently asked questions

I have listed the frequantly asked questions about child alimony, with the answers. I also refer to other relevant sources within this website or elsewhere.

Should the children have their own savings account?

Don’t wait until negotiations are deadlocked.