Birdnesting means that the children live in the same house every day and that the parents take turns living there […]

Parenting plan


In the Netherlands it is required by law to file a parenting plan together with your divorce request. If there […]

Division of pension


The Netherlands has a very simple system of dividing the accumulated pension.  In other countries this can be different. It […]

Division of assets


When it comes to the division of assets, we will have to determine first which is the applicable law and […]

Serving papers


The Dutch word is: betekening. It means that once you have filed for a divorce, you have to have the […]

Child interview


The Dutch word is ‘kindgesprek’. This is a short conversation in the court house bewtween the child and one or […]

Interlocutory relief


In Dutch this is the ‘voorlopige voorziening’. This is a part of the divorce procedure.

In this procedure you can ask […]

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