If you need help executing the alimony order

If you have a court decision about child maintenance or spoucal maintenance, you can ask the Dutch LBIO to collect the money for you. The LBIO does not charge you for their assistance. In stead they will collect these extra costs from you ex.

You can ask the assistance of the LBIO if:

  • the alimony is ordered by the court
  • if your ex is at least one month behind with paying, at a minimum of 10 Euro’s.
  • if the backlog is no more then 6 months. This does not apply when the court made a decision less then 6 months ago, ordering alimony for a periode more then 6 months ago.
  • if you have sufficiently informed your ex about his obligation to pay and how to pay the alimony to you.

The LBIO might even be able to help you collecting alimony in other countries. If the LBIO can’t help you, you can contact a plaintiff or a lawyer for assistance.