If you have a divorce agreement (and if necessary a parenting plan), it is a matter of weeks. The court will issue an order without first discussing the case at a hearing.

If there is no agreement the proceedings will take considerably longer. After the application for divorce has been filed, the other spouse is given six weeks to lodge a defence. This period may be extended by 4 weeks. After submitting the defence, the court invites the parties to try to reach an agreement on the consequences of the divorce with the help of a mediator. If there is no interest in doing so or if the mediation fails, the court will set a date for a hearing. It often takes several months before your case is dealt with during a court hearing. In most cases, the court will pronounce the divorce within four weeks after the hearing and, if requested, decide on the legal consequences of the divorce (e.g. on maintenance or the division of assets). The court might also pronounce the divorce in the first court order, and continue the procedure to deal with one or more other issues. This first court order can be used to registre the divorce at the municipality, which makes the divorce final.

Sometimes it is necessary to get a quick, temporary measure, for example about the use of the home or the distribution of care for the children or the alimony. You can start an injuction procedure, to ask for proliminary provisions. You can do this during or immediately prior to the divorce procedure. In these proceedings, a session date is usually set within a few weeks after the petition has been submitted. The court will rule two weeks after the hearing. The proliminary decisions are valid until the divorce is final (when the divorce decision is registered at the municipality).

The time safed makes it worthwile to make a serious effort to reach an agreement with the other party. We will be happy to assist. Even if you are doing the negotiations yourself, or if you are talking with a mediatior, we can assist. We can explain the legal framework, make calculations and indicate what a desired or acceptable outcome of the mediation will be.