The divorce is not final until the divorce decree has been registered with the municipality where  you got married. Registration can take place after three months from the date of the divorce decree. Afther those three months, you first need to ask the court for a statement that no one appealed the divorce itself. (There might be an appeal from one or both parties against the other decisions.) If both parties agree in writing, the decision can also be registered earlier.

Sometimes the first order only pronounces the divorce and the other issues are stayed. In that case, information may still be exchanged on those subjects prior to the session. And they can be discussed during the session.

You probalby agree with the divorce itself. You can appeal against the other decisions in the court decision. For example, the decision about alimony, or about the children. But then the divorce itself can be final afther three months since the day when the decision was taken. If you appeal, the court’s decisions on alimony, distribution, children etc. are already valid and enforceable. Therefore, at or after lodging an appeal, the court may be asked to suspend the enforceability of the decision.

If you do not registrere the divorce at the right municipality afther six months after this three months period, it becomes invalid. In that case you have to start the divorce procedure again.