Rapport alimentatienormen 2020


A yearly updated report by the courts expertgroup on alimony

The Dutch court wrote an extensive explanation of the way the monthly amount of alimony is calculated. Unfortunately it is only available in Dutch. Your lawyer will have to talk you to trough the most important parts.

Some of the subjects in the report are:

  • who is entitled
  • who is obligated to pay
  • how to calculate the needs
  • how to calculate the financial capacity
  • what if there is a need for child alimony as well as spoucal alimony
  • the model for standard calculations
  • what if the case is not standard
  • what if the costs of the child are not standard
  • what if you simply can’t pay
  • what if you have depts to pay

Your lawyer will tell you what information is needed to make a calculation and what exceptions are possible form the standard way of calculating.