Villa Pinedo

A place for children from divorced parents

A website with information for children. It wants children to know that there is a place where they can go to share experiences and get advice from other children.

But the website is also very usefull for parents, stepparents and other grownups who are involveld such as grantparents. The website is available in Dutch and English. It also offers an E book in Dutch and English. Villa Pinedo has drawn op several open letters. This is done in cooperation with experiential expert youths. These letters are an eye opener to everyone involved in a divorce procedure. The aim of Villa Pinedo is for everyone to pay attention to the feelings and thoughts of children.

The Dutch part of the website is more elaborate. It gives children the possibility to ask questions and chat with a buddy.

It is important to use sources like this to have a conversation about the divorce with your child. It is in the best interest of the child to be involved in the process of writing the parenting plan in a way that is appropriate considering it’s age. Talking about this website or reading books together about children experiencing divorce, can help to get the conversation started.