A court decision that someone is not allowed to come to a certain location. The prohibition is often given for a radius of 100 metres or 500 metres around a location. This could be for instance a home, school or work location. If you also want to ask for a restraining order for the home of someone else (f.i. your partner or your parents), it is wise for those persons to join the case as a party.

A restraining order can be imposed in different ways in a criminal case. Often a violation of the restraining order will lead to imprisonment.

The injunction can also be imposed by the interim injunction judge in civil proceedings. In that case, a penalty may be attached. The judge can also decide that the plaintiff may call in the help of the police to ensure compliance with the judgment.

In addition, there is the restraining order, which can be imposed by the mayor. In that facade, violation of the restraining order is a punishable offence.

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