The term ‘domestic violence’ refers to the relationship between perpetrator and victim. Domestic violence involves physical, sexual and psychological forms of violence.

It can include: child abuse, elder abuse, honour-related violence, assault, psychological abuse, threats, destruction and/or stalking.

There may be many problems in the background, such as financial problems, or overburdened by care for children, parents or sick partners.

Often multiple interventions are needed to improve the situation. These may include new or temporary accommodation, (financial) support to become independent, a divorce, temporary monopoly on the home, a contact ban, a ban on dealing with the children or, on the contrary, a visitation arrangement.

The police can help with a cessation interview or warning interview with the perpetrator.A location ban can be imposed by the Public Prosecutor or the judge commissioner in the context of a criminal case. The mayor can impose a restraining order for a period of 10 or 28 days. If all this does not happen, the victim can also ask the court in summary proceedings for a restraining order or location ban.

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