You can ask the court for a restraining order, in a interlocutory procedure. This can be dealt with in court on short notice. Sometimes in a few days, sometimes in a few weeks. This depends on the courts agenda, and on the assesment of urgency by the court. A restraining order is often asked for because of domestic violence or stalking.

In this procedure you can ask for a restraining order for the addresses where you live, work or go to school. You can also ask for a restraining order for other addresses that you frequently visit. Of couse you will have to explain why this is necessary and why you think it should not be a problem for the summoned person to avoid those addresses.

Besides this, you can ask the court to forbid the summoned person to seek contact with you in any way, directly or through others. You can ask the court to forbid this person to contact you on social media, or write about you on social media, to write messages or order goods on your name etcetera.


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