In these times of big changes and so many practical things to take care of, we would like to assist and advice you with regard to the many legal aspects that need your attention. If you choose to try mediation, you can use the assistance of a lawyer to make sure you make informed decisions during mediation.

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How can we help?


There are several ways to settle a divorce. We will advise you, taking into account your personal circumstances and interests.



Your Even if there was no marriage, the termination of the relationship must be properly settled. We can advise you on the applicable procedures.


Registrered partnership

You can end your registrered partnership without the court if there is an agreement and if there are no underaged children.


Division of marital property

First, we will find out which law is applicable on the division of assets. Then we will investigate your interests and make a proposal.


Prenuptial agreement

When you are about to sign a marriage settlement, you can ask for the advice of one of our lawyers in advance. We can advise one of the spouses or both together.



Dutch law provides for pension equalization in case of a divorce or termination of registered partnership. But there are other ways to deal with the pensions.


Spousal maintenance

We will find out which law is applicable and explain the Dutch alimony system, if relevant.


Child support

We will make the calculation and advice on the financial agreement. .


Parenting plan

The Dutch law requires a parenting plan. If you can not reach an agreement on this, the court will make those decisions.


Interlocutory relief proceedings

Divorce proceedings can take a long time. But some things can’t wait.


International relocation

Sometimes a divorce leads to an international move. When there is joint custody and/or an access arangement, this must be properly prepared.


How can you prepare for a divorce?


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A-Z explained

We would like to explain all the relevant terms to you, both the English terms as the Dutch terms that you might be confronted with in the negotiations or the procedure. If you miss anything, just let us know.


Frequently asked questions

We have listed the frequantly asked questions on this subject with the ansewers. Whe also refer to other relevant sources within our website or elsewhere. If your question is not on the list, please get in touch with our firm.


What are the costs of a divorce procedure?

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More information for you to read through

Public sources

Information about the law of the different States of the U.S.

This website (www.findlaw.com) wil give you legal information about every State of the U.S. It is a good place to start your enquiry for information about family law in the different states of the U.S.

In some divorce cases there might be more then one court that could deal with the divorce procedure. You could have a preference for one court over the other. In other cases the court in one country or state might need to apply the laws of one othe the states of the U.S. In cases like that, it is important to be well informed, and sometimes, also te […]

Couples Europe

28 European Countries


This website gives you a short summery of the legal situation in 28 countries.

The first site to check in case of an international divorce. It tells you which law is applicable on the couple’s property in the county. It also explains about the matrimonial property regim and the consequences of divorce. If you are not married, you can also find relevant information for your situation, as the website als explains about the property of registered and non registered partners.

It is written by European notary associations and sponsored by the European Commission.

Our blogs

Are grandparents entitled to a visitation arrangement with the grandchildren?

Grandparents can play an important and positive role in the grandchildren’s life. Certainly during the separation of the parents, they can provide a safe and stable place for the children, where they talk about the divorce and process all the changes.

Choosing sides

However, a divorce can also have a major impact on contact between grandparents and grandchildren. Relationships with the son-in-law or daughter may change. Certainly if the divorce proceeded with many emotions and reproaches and the parents expected that the grandparengs would take sides.

Primary residence

When the children have their primary residence with the son-in-law or daughter-in-law and have […]

Can a shift worker have a good visitation arrangement?

Does being a shift worker have a negative effect on your right to see the children? Does working irregular hours mean you will hardly see the kids? No, it should not. The care arrangement or visitation arrangement should be bases on the best interests of the children and it should also take in account the interests of the parents.

Should the care arrangement be fixed and straight forward, or flexible and adjusted to the fireman’s work schedule? It might depend on the age of the children. Or whether they have special needs. Kids with autism might need a fixed schedule. The […]

Case law

No divorce yet, but already the house and the kids

District court of Oost-Brabant

In this case, the woman asked the court in summary proceedings for the right of use of the house and provisional entrustment of the children in stead of in a divorce procedure. 

The parties were married in 2017 and lived together with their children of two and three years old. The wife is 27 weeks pregnant from the third.  Recently, the mayor has imposed a house ban on the husband for the duration of 10 days, until 3 March 2020. The reason for this was that the man would have behaved intimidating, […]

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