A visitation arrangement determines when the children stay with the parent with whom they do not have their main residence.

The visitation arrangement can be very precise. For example: with times and with whom the child has to bring or pick up. The holidays can be shared very precisely. For example: in the even years Christmas Day at one parent and in the odd years at the other parent. When a visitation arrangement is laid down very precisely, this can provide clarity. But there are also judges who do not think it should be necessary, because parents should normally be able to consult with each other about the exact division of holidays, holidays, etc.

A contact arrangement may have been agreed between the parents, or may have been determined by the court. A visiting arrangement that the parents have agreed upon together, for example with a mediator, can then be laid down in a court order. This ensures that compliance with the visiting arrangement can be demanded, for example by demanding a penalty payment.

In principle, every parent has the right to contact his or her child. This is separate from the question of who has custody and separate from the question of whether alimony is paid.

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