Unaccompanied travelling

Parents may differ on whether children are old enough to travel without one of the parents.

During mediation we can discuss:

  • children’s experience of (long) journeys
  • the children’s age and capacities
  • both parents’ opinions and feelings about traveling alone
  • how the children can be prepared
  • how the children can practise before travelling alone
  • how children can stay in touch during the travelling
  • the alternatives and the cons and pros.

The agreements about unaccompanied traveling can become a part of the parenting plan.

The airline itself sets conditions for unaccompanied traveling by minors. KLM, for example, states that in the case of children between aged 5 upto and including 14, you’re always required to book the Unaccompanied Minor service on top of the regular ticket. For minors who are 15, 16 or 17 years old this service is only optional.

If your child is flying alone for the first time, you can find parenting advice on this subject online, for instance on USA Today. In this article Janelle Randazza explains how you can prepaire your child, how you can teach hir/her how to ask for help. Ans she tells you what your shild should bring with her/him on the plain.